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Scanner and Vision – finding the ideal solution with SICK
SICK’s innovative sensors are so rugged that they can withstand the harsh requirements of industrial contexts effortlessly. This ability to be used in industrial applications has always been an essential feature of camera-based sensor technology as well as laser-based detection and ranging solutions – developments such as the first safety laser scanner based on the time-of-flight of pulses principle, or the world’s first CMOS sensor to be compatible with industrial environments, are proof of exactly that.

Today, therefore, we offer our customers a wide-ranging portfolio of both laser-based and camera-based sensors and systems for efficient control and optimization of automated processes. This issue of the SICKinsight magazine gives you an overview of the areas of laser and vision technology in which SICK specializes.

Industrial applications have high expectations of laser measurement technology and Machine Vision. Whether they’re being used to ensure flawless quality assurance in production automation or for controlling processes, sensors must be able to gather information about their environment, analyze data instantly, and produce results that allow clear-cut decisions to be made. All that, and they also have to perform reliably even under the toughest industrial conditions.

Selected topics:
Vision, scanner or RFID? Choosing the right technology at earliest possible stage ensures the optimal cost/benefit ratio.
The ideal auto ident solution
Parking robot “Ray” in operation: Simple idea, huge challenge. Solved by sensors from SICK.
Parking in future
Perfect interaction
Hybrid systems in use  at logistics and trading services provider Hermes.
Anti-Collision systems from SICK at container terminals of DP World.
Ensuring fail-safe operations

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Seeing, detecting, understanding: Harnessing scanners and vision technology for industry