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Start benefitting from the advantages of intelligent sensors today
What elements of Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0 have already become reality? Who are the pioneers of the development and what does this mean for the design of production processes?

SICK started focusing its corporate claim on the future as early as 2004: “Sensor Intelligence.” epitomizes our clear focus on sensor technology as a data provider for the intelligent factory, making it the most fundamental module for providing the highest possible levels of transparency in the supply chain. This issue of the SICKinsight magazine shows how SICK can provide clear added value and safety for the challenges you face in the future – starting from today.

The future of industrial production has come to be known as the Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0, or cyber-physical systems. The opportunity to use a multitude of data to produce and supply goods in a more efficient and flexible way, while also saving resources and achieving better quality, ultimately depends on the reliability of the data input for the process chain – and the sensors that record real-time situations and convert these into digital signals.

Selected topics:
Easing the burdon on machine controllers and boosting productivity: with Smart Sensor Solution from SICK.
Smart Sensor Solutions
Global support through a data-based service: worldwide, at any time.
Web-based remote maintenance
Flexibility reduces costs
Flexible automation systems from SICK are the right approach to changing requirements.
With RFID technology on the path to establishing networked production processes at Bosch – in real time and beyond company boundaries.
Virtualization of physical goods flow

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More transparency: Intelligent sensors provide data for Industrial Internet