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Greater efficiency for a clean environment
You only need to look at SICK's company history to see that environmental protection and sustainable resource management are not simply a passing phase: Company founder Erwin Sick was set on protecting the environment from day one and it wasn't long until he started to develop sensors for measuring the level of dust in industrial stacks. Fast forward to today and sensors are making an invaluable contribution toward finding environmentally friendly solutions. They deliver convincingly low energy consumption levels but also, by virtue of their reliability and intelligence, have the potential to optimize processes in machines and systems and thereby save gigantic amounts of energy and resources.

From production and logistics to emissions monitoring and energy recovery, intelligent SICK sensors can be found in every kind of application. They provide important data that makes it possible to use resources more efficiently and counteract hazards to people and the environment.

Selected topics:
Sustainability drives innovations
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Making a valuable contribution to protecting the environment with products: manifold possibilities for a more sustainable production.
Green logistics are paying off
Intelligent sensors make logistics processes efficient and sustainable.
Maritime emission monitoring
Environmentally friendly thanks to flue gas scrubbing and gas analysis. Stack emissions play a key role.
SICK has captured the Chinese power plant market with first class measurement technology.
DeNOx measurement in China

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Increase efficiency. Protect the environment. Intelligent sensors for environmentally friendly solutions